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Podcast popularity and influence is constantly on the rise. There are a wide range of styles, genres, themes and topics that can be found to fit anyone’s listening desires. Now, you have the opportunity to break into the game with the hosts of Name Redacted Podcast(Hey that’s us!)

Beginner’s guide to podcasting

Podcast Recording 101

Audacity, straight forward recording software.

Voice Record Pro, our preferred iOS Recording app

How to record a Skype call/satellite interview with a separate recording device (easier)

 How to record a Skype call on the same computer (slightly more complicated)

Beginner’s Guide to Social Media (Read this like the bible!)

Monetize your podcast

(While anything on the internet involving making money has a sort of icky tone to it, this is how you do it)


It is advisable to use the My Brand feature with Feedburner.


Setting up Feedbuner

How to use “My Brand”

Submit to as many podcast directories as possible to make sure you get listed in everyone’s app.

Podcast Directories

More podcast directories

Below are a few ways to setup the web presence for your podcast.

The easiest way to get your podcast off the ground:

Libsyn $5/mo

For $5 a month (and up) Libsyn will take care of all the heavy lifting. They have storage limitations, and up charge for statistics. You will need to register a domain still if you need one, and will probably end up paying for email (if you need it) unlike below. They give you an RSS feed, but I would still recommend sending it through a syndicator (like feedburner) to get more control over your feed, and some free statistics. It also takes some of the fine tuning control away from you. Probably the best solution for beginners.

Soundcloud (the free way):

Soundcloud for podcasting

Getting started with a podcast on Soundcloud

Soundcloud doesn’t do much compared to Libsyn, but it’s 100% free to start, and come with some statistics (unlike Libsyn).

What we do (a little complicated, but cheap and effective with unlimited storage and full control):

Host Gator, our hosting service

For an additional fee Host Gator allows for multiple domain names on one account, which is a good solution for multiple podcasts.

If you aren’t very familiar with how to set up a website, you may want to register your domain name with your web host. This will make it much easier to set up things like email.

Hover, where we got our domain name

How to install WordPress on Host Gator

When our episodes are too big to upload through WordPress’ default media manager, we send them to our site via FTP and then add them using the add from server plug-in.

How to create an FTP in Host Gator

Filezilla our FTP client

Setting up Filezilla with Host Gator

Setting up and using Add from Server plug-in

Add from server plug-in

How to syndicate your podcast from WordPress using feedburner, and how to get into iTunes.

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