Name Redacted- Chris Wharton – We Give Good Panel

This week we welcome Christopher Wharton to the podcast proper. Chris was on our ‘Web to Print’ panel at the 2016 Oak City Comicon, and we are excited to get him back on the show! We talk about his process of finding out where to start while trying to break into web comics, his journey into making YouTube videos, being bilingual, and a little about what it’s like to be an awesome parent. This one is top notch, and don’t forget to check out Chris’ books, YouTube channel, web site and more. And! Use the special ‘nameredacted’ promo code on his site to get a discount on the PDF versions of his comics!

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Alex: 1712 Bourbon

Collin: Griffin Tattoo Salve

Chris N: We’re Alive: Lockdown

Chris W: Mindset- Carol Dweck

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