Name Redacted – Tony Zollo – Sad Bone

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Tony Zollo, he went to high school with Alex and Collin, then some more stuff happened, and Tony ended up as a guest on Name Redacted. We catch up with our old friend about his journey towards becoming a colorist in the comic book world. We go through his training, some of his process, encounters with big names in the industry, and we throw in a little fog horn and sad trombone to round out the auditory bliss that created this killer episode. Listen in, check out Tony’s work, and keep an eye on the name as he pushes on to become a household name in the industry. Enjoy the show nerds!



Tony: Over the Garden Wall/ Merry Men/ Headlopper

Chris: Drabblecast

Collin: Logic- The Incredibly True Story

Alex: Smashup

Check out Tony’s art!

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